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Does EMI Shielding Increase Vibration?

Overview: As metrology and research tools continue to improve in functionality and measurement resolution, they become more sensitive to environmental changes including electromagnetic interference (EMI), vibrations and acoustics.

Low EMI Elevator Design saves costly Research Real Estate

Siting sensitive instruments, whether they are an electron-microscope or other E-Beam tool, research magnets, or other instrument always requires cognizance of the electromagnetic field (EMF) environment and the various types and location of the emission sources.

Active Magnetic Field Compensation Systems – A Comparative Study

As part of a Design-Build project to create 4 electromagnetically quiet electron microscope (EM) rooms for the new Irvine Materials Research Institute at UC Irvine, FMS evaluated several of the leading commercially available magnetic field active compensation (ACS) systems and …


Over its 20 years, FMS has successfully completed hundreds of EMI projects which included a diverse range of consulting and mitigation services.

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