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Field Management Services is a specialized engineering firm, providing a complete range of solutions to EMF problems for research, medical, laboratory, commercial, industrial and institutional clients worldwide.

EMF Assessment Consulting Services

FMS offers a comprehensive range of professional consulting services to address EMF and EMI concerns in existing as well as new facilities in the design stage. As a first measure, it is often appropriate to conduct a site survey which includes a thorough investigation of EMF conditions at a site of concern by measurement of existing EMF conditions including DC and AC magnetic fields plus radio frequency (RF) fields. FMS also conducts a rigorous review of new building design and construction documentation to identity potential EMF sources and to provide project design teams with guidance to insure that EMF and EMI concerns are minimized. In some instances, FMS constructs 3-D computer simulations of new equipment planned for installation, to gain a view of EMF levels which may be present at incremental distances. FMS also offers a review process for new equipment and/or systems planned for installation to determine EMI threat and susceptibility concerns.

Mitigation & Shielding Solutions

Utilizing data from EMF site surveys and from thorough reviews of facility design documents, FMS develops for consideration, a range of possible solutions to reduce existing or anticipated elevated EMF levels in areas of interest to mitigate potential EMI threat concerns. FMS can provide new facility design teams with recommendations to minimize EMF threat conditions during the design and construction of new buildings. In some instance, FMS can suggest certain remedial changes to the design of new or to existing electrical systems to reduce EMF emissions from equipment.

FMS, through extensive research, has gained considerable expertise in the design and implementation of shielding systems to reduce AC magnetic fields in areas adjacent to high current electrical equipment. AC magnetic fields are especially difficult to shield as they pass relatively undiminished through earth, concrete, most commercial building materials including lead. FMS has successfully designed and installed hundreds of AC magnetic field shielding schemes throughout the US and with technology partners, in building sites throughout the world.


Acess – Japan

While designing a new fourteen (14) story headquarters building in Osaka, Japan, Acces Co. Ltd., a major software development company


The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is an American commercial broadcast television network that is owned by the Disney–ABC Television Group

30 Hudson

Goldman Sachs’ construction of a 42-story, 1.5 million sq. ft. office tower was the first phase of a new campus known as The 30 Hudson Development Project

85 Broad Street

To mitigate EMI threat concerns, FMS designed and implemented multiple special magnetic field shielding schemes to lower EMF levels to acceptable, non EMI threat levels.


Over its 20 years, FMS has successfully completed hundreds of EMI projects which included a diverse range of consulting and mitigation services.

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