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University of Washington – Molecular Engineering Building:


University of Washington – Molecular Engineering Building:

Designed by ZGF Architects of Seattle, the Molecular Engineering Building (MEB) is subdivided into a Research Lab and Ultra-Sensitive Ground Contact Lab. The facility provides an interdisciplinary research lab environment with molecular and nanotechnology instrumentation to promote greater synergy amongst engineering disciplines and enhance research capabilities. Phase 1, an estimated 90,000 gross square feet, includes instrumentation labs with ultra-low vibration and electromagnetic interference, as well as above-ground preparatory laboratories and flexible Molecular Engineering research and teaching laboratories. A second phase is anticipated for future growth for a total of approximately 160,000 gross square feet for both Phase 1 and 2.   A series of twenty-four (24) Imaging Suites containing state-of the-art Helios Dual Beam FIB/SEM, FEI Titan TEM, Morgagni Bio-TEM, and other electron microscope equipment was installed. When completed, the U of W Molecular Engineering building will be the first and largest such facility in the US.

Due to stringent requirements for an ultra-low electromagnetic environment, FMS was engaged to conduct a thorough assessment of the building’s design for EMI interference concerns. An extensive broadband (DC through 3 GHZ) survey was conducted at the site to identify potential EMI threat sources external to the site which included underground utility service and vehicular traffic nearby the building site. A document review and extensive 3-Dimension computer simulation studies were conducted to evaluate EMF emissions from the building’s electrical distribution, mechanical and other systems. Utilizing the computer simulation data, FMS identified multiple areas which were potentially at EMI risk due to adjacency to EMI sources. The simulation studies indicated that EMF levels > 0.1 mG threshold requirements may be present in many of the Imaging Suites. To mitigate EMI threat concerns, FMS designed and implemented multiple special magnetic field shielding schemes to lower EMF levels to acceptable, non EMI threat levels. *** In consequence: No Laboratory Shielding was required ***


Over its 20 years, FMS has successfully completed hundreds of EMI projects which included a diverse range of consulting and mitigation services.

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