FMS Project:

Penn Medicine – Perelman Center for Advance Medicine – South Pavilion:


Penn Medicine – Perelman Center for Advance Medicine – South Pavilion:

The Rafael Vinoly Designed, LF Driscol constructed – University of Pennsylvania Health System – Perelman Center for Advance Medicine South Pavilion provides world-class outpatient care services and clinical research program support. The fourteen (14) story 200,000 sq. ft. center has three levels dedicated to outpatient cancer care and imaging services, with another 7 floors dedicated to clinical research programs. The Perelman Center has 180 exam rooms, supports both CT and MRI imaging functions, and houses a clinical / medical research and laboratory services.

FMS was engaged by the Owner (University of Pennsylvania Health Systems) to conduct a peer review and additional reviews of the building’s design, with specific focus on the CT and MRI imaging functions. FMS was tasked with performing a complete construction document review and extensive 2 and 3-Dimension computer simulation studies to evaluate EMF emissions from the building’s electrical distribution and mechanical systems, and other DC ( quasi DC sources (elevators and load dock/vehicle operations) for identifying the potential for EMI interference threats to the imaging functions planned for the facility. Utilizing the computer simulation data, FMS identified some ground floor imaging spaces were at risk for DC (quasi DC) and AC magnetic field interference, as emission levels from the loading dock operation and facilities electrical distribution system would exceed the imaging equipment manufacturer’s EMI siting criteria.

To mitigate EMI threat concerns, FMS designed a magnetic field shielding schemes to lower EMF emissions from the DC and AC emission sources to acceptable, non EMI threat levels.


Over its 20 years, FMS has successfully completed hundreds of EMI projects which included a diverse range of consulting and mitigation services.

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