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Mitigating Electromagnetic Interference (EMF/EMI)
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EMF Shielding Services

In many instances, shielding is the option of preference to reduce elevated EMF levels to mitigate equipment interference (EMI) or possible health concerns. Shielding choices can include shielding of either the source or the affected area or device. FMS provides shielding design and implementation services for DC & AC magnetic fields as well as radio frequency (RF) fields.

The shielding of AC magnetic fields is particularly challenging as they pass undiminished through earth, concrete, most conventional building materials including wood, drywall and even a thick layer of lead! Through extensive research, FMS has acquired the unique capability to engineer and execute very high performance AC magnetic field shielding schemes utilizing a superior "eddy current cancellation" shielding technology. To achieve optimum results, this shielding technology requires equally weighted attention be given to:

100% Shielded TEM Microscope Room

Final Testing of Shielded TEM Room

  • The design and engineering of the shield geometry and coverage
  • Specification of conducting shielding material characteristics
  • Critical site installation techniques to insure optimum shield performance

By managing these three key components, FMS has successfully implemented hundreds of successful AC magnetic field schemes throughout the US and with technology partnerships, at numerous sites throughout the world. Through innovative engineering and installation techniques, FMS in some critical use projects, has reduced elevated AC magnetic fields nearly 99.9%. Most notable were requirements in several "Nanotechnology" research laboratory projects for FMS to provide multiple rooms containing TEM microscopes, with ambient EMF environments less than 0.1mG by installation of robust shielding schemes.

To insure that shielding objectives are met, FMS provides a complete AC magnetic field implementation service which includes all design, engineering, shielding material supply and site installation. FMS maintains a team of technicians with the requisite skill sets and experience to successfully accomplish installation of shielding schemes at client locations throughout the world. By controlling all critical aspects, FMS offers a guarantee of performance for the design and installation of its shielding installations.


Case Study:
Transmission Lines

During final construction of a five-story commercial office building in St. Louis, Missouri, concern was expressed that magnetic fields from high voltage transmission lines close to the building could cause interference problems with office equipment and make portions of the building difficult to rent. Learn about the mitigation recommendations that FMS developed and implemented.

Case Study:
Transformer Vaults

Single- and three-phase transformers and their phase conductors produce substantial magnetic fields which can interfere with computer equipment stability. Find out how FMS maximizes field strength reduction around these EMF problem areas.
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