Field Management Services
Mitigating Electromagnetic Interference (EMF/EMI)
in Scientific & Medical Research Facilities
and Commercial Buildings

Project 7 - High-Rise Office Building


15th Floor Computer Simulation Study

To evaluate the potential magnitude and characteristics of AC magnetic fields likely to be present in areas of the 15th floor Data Center from the 14th floor electrical equipment, FMS constructed a detailed 3-D computer simulation study of the 14th floor transformer vault facilities to predict rough order of magnitude, AC magnetic fields likely to exist at elevations of concern (slab level & +1Meter) in the 15th floor Data Center.

15th Floor  Computer SimulationComputer model predicted AC magnetic field levels on 15th floor Data Center area above 14th floor vault

Results of the computer simulation study indicated that peak levels approaching 25 mG would be present in areas of the 15th floor Data Center. While this represents a relatively modest level, project management concluded that absent concrete evidence that the modest AC magnetic field levels did not represent an EMI threat to critical IT equipment or may prove at some future time to be a possible health risk, a decision was made to reduce magnetic field levels to a lower range of values by installation of magnetic field shielding as a precautionary and preemptive measure.

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