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Research Laboratories

research-laboratories-6Highly specialized equipment and systems commonly used in pharmaceutical, bio-engineering, genetic and other advanced research laboratories can be extremely sensitive to DC and AC magnetic fields and a wide band of RF frequencies including microwave.

Whether designing a new facility or renovating an existing facility, it is these instruments and their strict environmental requirements that require the services of an EMF consulting and mitigation expert on the design team. FMS has a long history of successfully creating ultra-quiet environments which meet the demanding EMI specifications of these instruments.

New reseresearch-laboratories-5arch buildings and facilities (e.g. university, government, commercial) designed to house these sensitive EMI instruments/tools are generally constructed prior to procuring the exact instrument needed, which are generally the “next generation” of tool.Therefore, as a precautionary measure, building projects routinely invest in some degree of mitigation measures such as EMI based spatial planning, passive magnetic shielding and other measures to ensure the environment minimizes potential EMI interference problems.

Clipboard01FMS is BIM (Building Information Modeling) capable, utilizing the latest in computer software. FMS provide site analysis, facility BIM based analysis, computer simulation modeling, mitigation design and implementation services, including passive and active EMF/EMI/RFI shielding. Through the restrained use of EMF/EMI field mitigation techniques and technology, FMS has become the leader in cost effective, 100% compliant EMI solutions for these sensitive environments.



MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) spectrometry have become critical tools in all disciplines of cutting edge research. As technology advances, these tools are becoming more sensitive to interference from both external DC and broadband AC (e.g. 60 Hz power frequency) magnetic fields. In certain instances, Radio Frequency (RF) fields emanating from nearby broadcast antennas can poise an EMI threat as well.

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Robust characterization and imaging cores are required for research in materials, nanotechnology, molecular engineering, biological synthesis, soft matter, and membranes. As these fields begin to converge in engineering and applied sciences, new technologies are being applied and perfected that make proving results more accurate and reliable. FMS utilizes advanced planning and design practices for advanced imaging cores with demanding high performance controlled environments, including STEM/TEM, AFM, Laser Spectroscopy, Optical Imaging, E-Beam Lithography, Spectral Interferometer Technology, and CT/PET.

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Research Laboratory Projects

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

As the EMI Consultant, FMS performed an assessment of the potential for large power distribution systems to impact the operations of sensitive imaging tools and other susceptible electronic equipment.

Rice University – BioScience Research Collaborative

The BioScience Research Collaborative (BRC) building was constructed on the Rice University campus and was designed to facilitate and encourage interdisciplinary interactions among researchers.

Toronto Sick Kids

Field Management Services, Inc. performed EMI surveys for the siting of an intra-operative MRI to be shared between two operating suites.


Over its 20 years, FMS has successfully completed hundreds of EMI projects which included a diverse range of consulting and mitigation services.

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