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Design Document Review & Risk Assessments

FMS’ Electrical and Professional Engineers along with technical staff provide a full range of services including, electromagnetic field (EMF) and radio frequency (RF) source definition, magnetic and electric field characterization, design documentation (SD, DD, CD, etc.) reviews, and EMI/RFI Threat Risk Analysis.

To address the potential EMF/RF concerns and in the course of conducting the EMI/RFI threat assessment for a project, FMS will typically provide the following consulting services:


Background.for.Home.Page..AssessmentsFMS typically performs a review of the available project design documents during each design phase, conceptual/schematic design (SD), design development (DD), and construction document (CD). In addition to the facility design documents, we also review the existing and planned equipment/tools lists which may be considered for use in the proposed facility(s). Each of these reviews are intended to identify any readily apparent EMF/RF emission sources that may present a potential threat in areas where EMI/RFI sensitive equipment and operations may be located close to; (1) internal EMF/RF emission sources, such as high current electrical equipment (SWBD’s, transformers, distribution panels, bus ducts, ATS’s, etc.), Quasi DC Sources (passenger and freight elevators), and other MEP infrastructure, and (2) external EMF/RF sources at the site, such as buried utility service, surface road vehicular traffic/ light rail, commercial rail and subway systems, and adjacent facility operations.


Utilizing information obtained during each of the documentation reviews, the supporting site analysis, and facility design computer simulation studies (if necessary), FMS compares the measured and predicted EMF/RF emission levels to either client-established or equipment manufacturer’s EMI/EMC immunity standards to determine if emission levels exceed the established threshold limits. For example, if the measured or predicted EMF/RF emissions exceed a specific EMI/EMC specification, an EMI threat risk will likely exist and some form of mitigation may be required.

Such mitigation recommendations typically include strategies to relocate the EMF threat source and/or the victim EMI sensitive equipment, potential changes or alterations associated with the EMF/RF threat source to reduce the magnitude of emissions, and/or the implementation of passive and/or active shielding schemes to reduce EMF/RF levels to below EMI/EMC threat risk levels.

For each area and/or piece of equipment determined to be at risk, FMS provides recommendations, as appropriate, to mitigate the EMI/RFI threat risk to levels below the client established or established industry EMI/EMC standards.

Recent Projects

Major Utility Power Control Center EMP/IEMI Hardening Assessment

A major US Utility was designing a new Control/Operations Center for the dispatch and routing of electrical power, including transmission

Nano Science Research Lab – Naval Research Laboratories

The Naval Facilities Engineering Command recently completed construction of a 22,000 sq/ft Nano Science Research Laboratory (NSRL) on the campus of the Naval Research Laboratory

Ontario Provincial Govt

FMS provided survey and mitigation recommendations to the Ontario Provincial Government to assist in understanding the EMF exposure.


Over its 20 years, FMS has successfully completed hundreds of EMI projects which included a diverse range of consulting and mitigation services.

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