Field Management Services
Mitigating Electromagnetic Interference (EMF/EMI)
in Scientific & Medical Research Facilities
and Commercial Buildings

FMS provides EMF/EMI/RFI Consulting, Mitigation and Shielding Design, Risk/Threat Assessments, Magnetic Field Testing, EMF/EMI (magnetic and electric field) Computer Simulation and Modeling, EMF/EMI shielding Installation services, including Active Compensation/Cancellation Systems (ACS) for hospitals, research and nanotechnology laboratories, commercial buildings and medical facilities.

EMF/EMI/RFI (Electromagnetic Fields; Electromagnetic Interference; Radio Frequency Interference) is a major concern in research laboratories, medical facilities, commercial buildings and schools.  Power lines and internal electrical distribution equipment emit extremely low frequency (ELF/AC) electromagnetic fields. Radio frequency fields (RF) are generated by broadcast commercial, cellular and other transmitters.

ELF/AC, DC, RF emissions interfere with sensitive scientific and laboratory equipment. DC magnetic fields from subway and rail lines can disrupt medical diagnostic, and monitoring equipment as well as sensitive electron microscopes in laboratory environments. AC magnetic fields from a building's electrical system can interfere with sensitive equipment in commercial buildings, hospitals and nanotechnology research labs, RF from broadcast antennas can interfere with wireless LAN systems, IT equipment and sensitive equipment in hospitals, laboratories and recording studios. There are known and possible health/safety concerns related to EMF, prompting some employers to address elevated EMF/EMI in continuously occupied areas of their facilities.

FMS serves as EMF/EMI Consultants to facilities Owners, Architects & Engineering (A&E) and Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) firms.  The FMS Advantage is cost effective field mitigation, including Magnetic Shielding measures and installations, collaboratively designed to meet site-specific EMF challenges without excessive & expensive shielding.

Comprehensive EMF Assessments

Mitigation & Shielding Solutions


FMS Advantage

FMS is a unique EMF/EMI solution provider, known for our consultative and collaborative approach to achieve creative, cost effective results.
  • 20 years solid experience
  • 100% on-time and on budget
  • PhD and PE level staff
  • Innovative solutions to challenging EMI problems
  • US patents in EMI shielding technology
  • 100’s of mitigation projects successfully implemented
  • Has never failed to meet a mitigation goal
The FMS Advantage is our clients’ advantage. We collaborate with clients for the best solution. We listen. As a result, we provide the lowest cost effective mitigation solution options, presented in a context which reflects our client’ decisions on options best suited to their situation and budget.

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FMS Experience

Over its 20 years, FMS has successfully completed hundreds of EMI projects which included a diverse range of consulting and mitigation services. Take a look at our list of satisfied clients and what they have to say.
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